20 ideas to decorate your home with plants

Home decoration can vary according to your tastes, however, we cannot ignore the fact that a house with plants is synonymous with naturalness , freedom and, above all, tranquility . Keeping in touch with nature keeps us calm, stress-free and with a totally fresh home. You can choose to acquire any type of plants, however, the trick is to place them in strategic places and in a creative way, so we are going to give you some ideas that you can use right now to decorate your home with different types of plants.

A natural environment will remove all the bad energies that can adhere to your aura during your working day or while you walk down the street, let’s remember that our house is the resting place par excellence and we have to keep it as neat, decorated and clear as possible. Do you want to know how to achieve it? Locate your plants in the way that we will mention below.

Plants with large or small flowers

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Not only do they guarantee an ideal aroma, but they will keep your home full of color and you can play with their location, combination and shapes.

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Some people acquire plants, mix them with tropical or aromatic flowers and place them as centerpieces, in pots in rooms and even as pendants.

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The crochet style has been used a lot in this type of decoration and it looks great, even more so if it is combined with the tones of the surfaces of the house.

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With a little handiwork and a lot of creativity, flowering plants in your home add a unique, handcrafted touch to your home scenes.


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It doesn’t matter if they are flowers, long or short plants, when you put them as pendants in different areas of your house, the style changes and it looks really cool. The best? You can use your creativity to make personalized pots and pendants.

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Materials can be as versatile as glass, which adds elegance to your hanging plant.

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In addition to helping them always look healthy, natural light hitting these natural hanging ornaments provides a beautiful, organic sight that adds spirit to your home.

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Always ideal to provide perfect divisions to rooms, hanging plants will never go out of style.

terrariums for plants

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Here you can use the bold that you no longer use, even the small fish tanks are used to place your plants and give your home a special touch.

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If it’s to your liking, add some toys or small items to give your decor individuality.

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Terrariums can be the perfect companion for your customs and beliefs.

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Create your own terrarium with a unique personality that inspires the peace and feelings you desire.


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The place for indoor plants par excellence.

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You can get large or small pots and place them wherever you like, although as a valid tip, the living room, porch and bedrooms are strategic areas to place your plants.

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High-contrast colors make particular spaces, with very special definitions and concepts that will make voices among your guests.

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The best thing: you can always move them around to personalize your rooms even more.

DIY tricks for your plants

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Plant supports are not based only on traditional pots, you can use all the materials that you think are convenient to decorate your home.

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From plastic bottles to old tires, just play with your imagination.

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Wood is the best friend of the DIY concept, make the most of it.

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With which you can make real works of art.

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