14 ideas to renovate your small patio with just $50

Our patio or garden is as important as the interior of our home and that is where we connect with the magic of nature while we relax and escape from our daily tasks.

If your patio is a bit abandoned and you want to renew it a bit, today we will give you some ideas to carry it out. We hope you like them!

Remember that we can decorate and beautify our patio using creativity and some little things that we have at home, for this you can rely on some of these beautiful ideas.

14 ideas to give a new touch to your garden

1- We can combine an old ladder with some flower pots

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2- If there are accumulated logs in the patio of your house, you can use them in this way:

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3- Playing with the order of the stones and plants will make a difference

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4- Perfect balance


5- Create a nice path out of flat, round stones


6- What do you think of a beautiful waterfall of stones?


7- Never forget a bench to have a place to rest


8- Order is essential to create harmony in your garden


9- Design shapes and colors with different types of stones


10- Give a trunk a second life


11- A grass floor looks spectacular


12- A beautiful idea to take care of your plants


13- Recycle unusable tires


14- Reuse the toy cars that your children no longer use


Source: Crafts02

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