14 Ideas to decorate with Cement Blocks

Decorating by recycling is possible, and the truth is that we love it. It is not the first time we talk about this ideal resource for those who want to decorate without spending a lot of money, without losing style.

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These concrete blocks may appear to have limited use, just for construction, but they are not. It is possible to do endless things with them, and the truth is that the results are incredible.

The best of supports

Cinder blocks and their holes can be great for suspending benches. The perfect, robust and stable support to create outdoor relaxation areas. The operation is simple, look for wooden slats or boards that can fit in the hole of the cinder blocks. With these, you will be able to form a stable enough surface to place cushions and make a nice outdoor sofa.

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Very green pyramids

The hollow of the concrete blocks is really versatile. It is not the first time that we see, for example, pots with this type of material. However, we would like to highlight the possibility of creating large green pyramids. Place them making a nice pyramid, as a vertical garden. In addition, the good thing is that this material admits painting, so decorating your low cost planters can give that special touch.

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Shelves for inside and outside the home

If the blocks are capable of creating armchairs and benches, they will also help us to get shelves. The operation is very similar, although this time, instead of inserting the planks into the holes, we will place them on top of the concrete blocks. Obtaining beautiful shelves that can be ideal to be placed outside, with pots full of flowers, or inside, as a library, for example, in a reading corner.

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Different surfaces

If we use the blocks as support points, we can cover them with wood. The result may be a bit rustic, but it can be a great element for gardens and terraces . In addition, these blocks individually, can also function as auxiliary tables. Depending on the format of our blocks (there are different sizes), we can create auxiliary tables that can be placed in any corner of the house, even creating a dynamic set with several blocks.

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Cinder blocks in your bedroom

Yes, concrete blocks can also be integrated into bedrooms. A very different way to present the bed in your main room. Depending on the dimensions of the mattress you will have to put more or less support points, since the most important thing is that the surface is comfortable. In addition, the recesses of these blocks can be a good place to place, for example, shoes.

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If you are looking for an original nightstand , cement blocks can also help you with that. Use the techniques that we have taught you previously to insert or suspend planks and get a beautiful and different bedside table.

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And also in children’s bedrooms

Try building a fun sofa with these blocks. As in the first case, its holes can be the best place to place shoes and to teach your little ones that order is very important.

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