12 Night Blooming Plants That Will Turn Your Garden Into A Fairy Tale

They say that the night is a mystery, because there are species that take advantage of the sunset to show their beauty, such as fireflies, owls and some flowers that show their splendor to give us a view full of romance.

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If you want to turn your garden into a fairy tale, pay close attention to these night blooming plants, you will fall in love with them all!

Angel’s Trumpet

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It is a very common plant to adorn gardens with its beauty, its flowers open at night and close at dawn.


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Its flowers look like clusters of white color and open at night to give off a very pleasant smell.

Galán at night

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It is a highly scented flower that opens when night falls and closes with the morning sun. Its aroma is similar to jasmine and can be smelled from meters away.

Moon flower

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The petals of its flowers remain open all night, but close with the first rays of the sun.

Night scented orchid

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Most orchids are difficult to care for, but they are beautiful, and if they bloom at night they are more special, this species is characterized by having longer petals and because it gives off a strong aroma.

False orange tree

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Its aroma is citrus to attract pollinating insects.

Night phlox

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If you are convincing yourself to make a night garden this plant should not be missing on your list.


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This plant has more nocturnal varieties, all with white flowers. There are also species that bloom during the day, but what unites them is that both have more intense fragrances at night.

Water lilies

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This aquatic flower is one of its varieties, it blooms at night and can extend from 1 to 2 meters.

Jasmine from India

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This flower is known for its delicious and intense aroma.


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It is also known as a strawberry splash due to its colors.

Lady of the night

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Its beautiful white flowers open for a single night in the summer when sunset comes, but they die in the morning and teach us that we must enjoy the beauty of the cycle of life.

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