10 succulents that are perfect to have at home

Succulents, also called succulents, are very noble plants that facilitate the way of caring for plants , that is, maintaining them .

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These beauties not only decorate the exterior, but because of their easy maintenance and their nobility in the way they grow, they can be found in various types of climates and environments . Therefore , we can have succulents outside as well as inside our home .

We find a great variety in sizes, shapes and colors, and that is why, below, we will give you a list of several of them so that when decorating your home, you think about choosing one of these beautiful succulents.

  1. Zebra Cactus
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It is native to Africa. It gives us pure beauty just by seeing it with its upright dark green leaves and with small horizontal stripes that cross them , and that resemble zebras. It is a perennial plant and is generally small in size. The flowers are white and appear between October and November. It retains water in its leaves, making it a low-watering plant. Its roots are compact and small, so they do not need a large pot to survive.

  1. Crown of Thorns
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This plant is native to Madagascar. It has long, spoon-shaped leaves . Its flowers are very small and usually appear yellow , red or salmon. Like all succulents, your watering should be moderate. It has a large number of thorns. We only have to bear in mind that if we want it to flourish, we must place it in the sun.

  1. Banana Chain
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It has curved foliage of a color mixed between green and blue . It is easy to grow . Native to South Africa, where it grows wild. It is a hanging plant that falls in the form of a waterfall. It produces white and mauve flowers that appear during the fall and winter, which have a very rich aroma. To have it indoors we must consider placing it in places with a lot of light.

  1. Lithops
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They are also called living stones, since they have this format and go unnoticed in their natural habitat. It is very small in size , so it is very suitable to have in pots . Native to Africa, it has two leaves that are divided in half forming a fissure giving the visual a cylindrical shape. From that half, its flowers will emerge for the spring or autumn months. It is a plant that grows perfectly indoors but in places with a lot of light.

  1. Donkey’s Tail
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Donkey’s tail is an ideal plant to use as a decoration. It is hanging , it is very easy to multiply and it grows very easily . It has cylindrical leaves and its stems can measure up to 50 cm . Originally from Mexico, it is very resistant to low and high temperatures. It grows ideally in shady environments, they have little irrigation, so it can be watered only 2 to 3 times a week in the middle of summer.

  1. Alabaster Rose
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Its crown shape that closes , gives us the image of a beautiful green flower . Also a native of Mexico. Its flowers appear in summer, emerging from a terminal stem that when the flowering period passes, dries up and usually measures up to 20 cm. It does not require much care. It requires a lot of light, but never in direct sunlight.

  1. Christmas cactus
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This plant looks great in winter. It is at this stage that its flowers appear, which have colors that go from pink to white , red, lilac and yellow . It reproduces very easily. It is native to Brazil and you should only bear in mind that of the succulent plants that exist, this is among the ones that will need the most amount of water. You need an environment with natural light, but not directly in the sun.

  1. Kalanchoe Tessa
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They are very decorative plants, due to their beautiful flowers. It serves as a hanging plant and grows to 30 cm . Its leaves are very fleshy green and the flowers grow from the stem that is very thin and pink . They need a lot of light and in their pot there should be a combination of soil with peat. It should be watered only when you need it, therefore you can water it once or twice a week.

  1. Jade
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It is a plant that is very easy to grow, and what is most striking is its view , since it grows in the form of several small trees , whose trunk is of a showy gray color . Its leaves are fleshy with an intense green color. Very little watering, because excess will rot its root and keep in mind that it requires a lot of lighting. This good lighting will cause the tips to turn red.

  1. Hens and Chicks
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They form flat flower-shaped rosettes with well-rounded edges . It is necessary to water them only when their soil is dry, otherwise we will cause it to decompose. They grow under normal light and even in the shade. With very fleshy leaves , they tolerate great droughts . They bear this name because the rosettes, or mature hens, are surrounded by chicks, which are nothing more than the same plant but smaller in size and that grow with much shorter stems than the central one. By gently cutting the plant from the base with a bit of stem and placing it in the ground, it will grow in perfect shape.

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