10 Succulents perfect to have in your home

Surely you have noticed how popular succulents have become in recent years.

When you already have a succulent, the desire to have more quickly invades you. There are succulents for all tastes, in different colors and shapes.

Next, we show you some succulents that are perfect to have in the home and that do not need much care.

Zebra Cacti

1 47

It is a plant that attracts a lot of attention due to its narrow and pointed leaves, or for its intense green color with white stripes that has become the favorite of many who seek to have succulents inside the home.

Its small flowers will delight us in the months around summer. You will realize that its time to bloom has come because a rod will begin to emerge from the middle of its leaves that will carry its beautiful flower.

Crown of Thorns

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This succulent is for those who like the extravagant. Its peculiar shape makes it of an inexplicable beauty and rarity, it is very attractive to the naked eye.

Its trunk is covered with thorns, but it has beautiful vibrant green leaves that contrast perfectly. Its flowering is beautiful, it will give us red, yellow or salmon – colored flowers.

It needs sun for its correct development. If we have it in a pot, we must make sure to put a substrate that drains well.

Banana String

3 32

This is one of the most striking hanging succulents. Its curious banana-shaped leaves and its easy care make it one of the most coveted by succulent collectors.

It must be protected from direct sunlight, since its leaves do not tolerate it and cause severe damage to them.

4.Lithops (Living stone)

4 24

These succulents are one of the most drought resistant. They require so little water that in summer they should only be watered every 15 days, and in winter watering should be stopped, since the plant goes into rest mode.

They generally bloom in autumn, a small yellow or white flower comes out from between its two leaves. They need a lot of light to grow.

If we have them inside our home, it is recommended that we put it near a window or somewhere that is well lit.

Donkey tail

5 21

This is another of the most striking hanging succulents that are easy to care for and are ideal for decorating our home.

It grows quickly and is very easy to reproduce, its tubular leaves form stems that can measure more than 50 cm. It is a plant that is characterized by easily adapting to environments, it tolerates cold and warm temperatures.

They are watered once a week in summer, and every 15 days in winter, and when it blooms it gives us dark pink and violet flowers.

Alabaster Rose

6 13

These succulents are among the most beautiful. It has about 400 species and they are among the most sought after.

It is a very resistant plant, it tolerates direct sun very well thanks to the bloom that its leaves contain. However, to have it under direct sunlight we must gradually get it used to it, otherwise its leaves could burn.

They do not require a lot of water, they should only be watered when the substrate has completely dried.

Christmas Cacti

7 10

This plant, unlike others of its kind, blooms in the middle of winter. Its red, white and fuchsia flowers are beautiful, contrasting beautifully with its delicate vibrant green leaves. It is a plant that does not require much care. You only need to water it twice a week and from a substrate similar to that of orchids.

It does not tolerate direct sun, its leaves suffer severe burns if we have them exposed, for this reason it is perfect to have it inside our home.

Kalanchoe Tessa

8 8

This plant has become very famous thanks to its medicinal properties that are attributed to it, it is a very easy-care succulent.

Its fleshy green leaves and its beautiful flowers in the form of small colored rosettes make it very attractive.

It requires abundant watering once a week depending on the time of year. It only needs a lot of light, but not direct.

It would be best to have it near a window. It is a very resistant plant, so we can have it both indoors and outdoors.


9 6

It is one of the favorites by collectors. Its showy shape, the gray color of its trunk and its oval leaves draw a lot of attention.

It does not require much care, and it is a plant that we can have both indoors and outdoors.

You should only water it every 15 days, remember that its leaves are fleshy and that is where the water it needs to withstand any drought is stored. The substrate must have good drainage, a mixture of perlite, garden soil and sand.

Houseleek (Sempervivum)

10 5

These are among the most resistant succulents that exist, tolerating both cold and heat.

It should only be watered when the substrate is dry, its roots do not support excessive moisture, so it is necessary to be very vigilant.

Place it in a very bright place, where possible it receives light all day. You can put it near a window, terrace or balcony.

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