10 Plants that are Oxygen Bombs and Clean the Air in your Home

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Everyone loves to have a clean and fresh space at home, although part of that depends on us, we can put some indoor plants to keep our air clean efficiently.

One thing many people don’t realize is that especially during the winter months, the air in your home is not circulated or filtered. When you use cleaning products and the like, you are rapidly poisoning the environment without having anything to help clean or circulate the air that you and your family breathe that air all day.

Here are some plants that help clean the air in your home naturally and effectively.


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If you use low-quality, toxic detergents in your home, this plant can help filter the air in your kitchen. It is highly recommended to use environmentally sustainable cleaning products that do not dirty the air in your home from the first moment.

English ivy

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This plant is also ideal for a family that still allows smokers to smoke inside. Its ability to absorb carcinogens from secondhand smoke helps purify small areas. It is flexible when it comes to growing conditions and does not require much maintenance.

Cradle of Moses


Fits perfectly in any laundry room or bathroom, it specializes in removing mold spores. In addition to mold, it also removes formaldehyde and trichlorethylene. (Warning: If you own or live with cats, Peace Lily is extremely toxic to cats if consumed).

Areca Palm

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Usually never growing more than 10m tall, Bamboo Palm is an easy addition to almost any interior space. As a plant, it is recognized as one of the best at filtering benzene and trichloroethylene, both of which can regularly infiltrate living spaces. Bamboo palm is also great in conjunction with furniture that may be prone to the release of formaldehyde gas, another toxin that it can naturally resist very well.


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What really sets it apart is the development of its effectiveness. The more time the plant spends in a space, the more effective it becomes at removing air pollutants and toxins from the area. It can be perfectly in a low light environment and often bloom.

6. Aloe vera

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The Aloe Vera plant is easy to grow and maintain, and is wonderful at filtering pollutants and toxins from the air. However, what sets it apart from the rest is the healing ability of the gel within each of its leaves. Also, it has been linked to helping with detoxification, alkalinity, digestion, the immune system, skin health, and more.


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This beautiful flower does a great job of cleaning the air, removing unwanted odors and killing bacteria, and also helps keep moths away. If you use the essential oils of the plant, they are great for sleeping and calming the nervous system.


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It requires natural light, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It grows very easily and does not need much maintenance. You can even make more plants from this plant with ease as you grow smaller versions of it.

Rubber tree

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This plant has a hardy character capable of surviving and thriving in less light and lower temperatures than most plants of its size. Of all the plants tested, this one scored the best for removing toxins and pollutants within homes.

Sword of Saint George

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Saint George’s sword focuses on doing important work at night. It absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night, which helps people sleep better. It’s easy to care for and can even prevent formaldehyde seeping from carpet and wood furniture from getting into the air.

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